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Mouse Noses on Toast

Winner of the 6-8 age category in the Nestlé Children’s Book Prize. Illustrated by the amazing David Roberts. Published in the US, Finland, Georgia and elsewhere.
Paul Mouse has some unusual friends: the Tinby, a strange, tiny monster with a round top and a flat bottom, little square legs and tiny black eyes, and Sandra, a plastic Christmas tree decoration brought to life by a magician in a previous story. This story of how the three of them, helped by a dog called Rowley Barker Hobbs, save mouse noses from ending up on toast is exciting, charming and ridiculous.
Julia Eccleshare, The Guardian

Daren King’s Mouse Noses on Toast scores impressively.
Irish Times

A fantastically wacky read for children with a more off-the-wall sense of humour. Wonderfully nonsensical.
Junior Education

Incredibly funny and imaginative.
Sunday Express

A unique and funny treat.
The Bookseller

Writer and illustrator have together produced a ridiculous, fun-packed riot and a sequel (one hopes) seems inevitable.
The Herald
From left to right:
~Faber & Faber 2006 UK hardback
~Faber & Faber 2007 UK paperback
~Penguin 2008 US hardback
~Agriculture Sulakauri 2010 Georgia paperback
~Karisto 2011 Finland paperback