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Whereas most creative writing tutors encourage an author to ‘find their voice’, while speaking in vague terms about ‘inspiration’, I enable authors to take control of their writing by teaching the specific concepts and techniques that enabled me to produce award winning fiction, now published in hardback and paperback around the world by mainstream print publishers including Quercus and Faber & Faber.

My services are sought by authors of fiction for both adults and children, non-fiction writers, journalists and those who wish to improve their business communication skills. Services include:
  • The Complete Novel Writing Course
  • Full mentoring service for novelists and non-fiction writers
  • A detailed 3,000 word report on your unpublished manuscript
For details of the above course or my mentoring service, or, if you require feedback on a completed draft in the form of a detailed 3,000 word report, contact Laura at the Writer’s Workshop.

The Complete Novel Writing Course

On this unique course I take you through the entire novel-writing process, from the initial idea right through to the third and possibly final draft. To qualify for the course, all you need is a genuine desire to write a novel, and either a strong idea or else a novel in progress. The course includes structural work, prose language work and feedback on three full drafts. Although the tuition is primarily by email, the course fee entitles you to three meetings. Please do note that places are limited. Contact Laura at the Writer’s Workshop for details.

Laurence accompanied me all the way through the drafting process, helping me turn my drafts into a fully-fledged literary novel which was later seized by two major publishers.
Guillermo Martinez Erades

I signed up for Laurence’s course in the autumn of 2009 as I felt that, in order to go forward with my writing and give myself a fighting chance of one day producing something commercially viable, I needed outside help. I feel I have gained so much from working with him, and I am extremely grateful to have had the benefit of his patience and expertise.
Jill Cowley, Washington DC, USA

Laurence has a clear understanding of what works in the market, both in terms of story and language, but guides you in a way that allows your idiosyncrasies full run. The joy for me has been ending up with a book that contains everything I set out to achieve and more, but at a quarter of the length it was when I first approached Laurence.
Richard Ruegg, Queensland, Australia

Full Mentoring Service

I am mentor to several novelists and non-fiction authors. Places are limited due to the time-consuming nature of this service. Contact Laura at the Writer’s Workshop for details.

I worked with Laurence for about 10 months while I wrote my first novel. His feedback was direct and honest and I really valued his criticism. I miss working with him as I hadn’t realised how much he was a part of keeping the momentum going for me.
Jo Carrington, North Somerset, England

These notes are helping more than anything from university, self-help books, small courses. All of them put together even. Makes me believe even more that I was lucky to have got the chance to do this mentorship with you.
David Graham Ward, Gateshead, England

Laurence’s service was thorough, insightful and of tremendous value. I can honestly say that it was worth every penny. I would happily take the course again and my guess is that it would be just as beneficial second time around. I have recently submitted my finished novel to various London agents, and one has offered representation.
Paul Ryan, County Wicklow, Ireland

You have an amazing gift to ‘lift’ novels.
Diane Derrick, Devon, England

Your feedback, and the discussions we’ve had, have been invaluable, and I can say with certainty that I wouldn’t have finished the novel without your guidance.
Jason Smith, New Zealand

3,000 Word Report

I can write a detailed 3,000 word report on your unpublished manuscript, also via the Writer’s Workshop.

Thanks SO MUCH for this. There’s LOADS here. I’m chuffed with your comments on my synopsis, because I worried about it not being compelling enough previously. Thanks so much again.
Nicola, Holloway, London

This has been a really worthwhile process for me, the insight you have given me is priceless.
Selina Sufi-Anderson, Highgate, London

I’m immensely grateful to Laurence for his support. Laurence provided me with concrete, detailed and candid feedback, chapter by chapter, which proved very useful not only in advancing my draft but also my skills as a writer.”
Guillermo Martinez Erades,
secured a UK deal with Simon & Schuster and
a US deal with Straus & Giroux

Eve Harris publicity event, Waterstones, Hampstead, London.

Laurence has been a brilliant mentor and has provided invaluable help and insight. He has given me advice in relation to all aspects of the book, from plotting and structure, to fine linguistic details. I’m not sure I could have finished it without him. I am pleased to say that I now have an agent.
Eve Harris in 2012, before signing her deal with
Faber & Faber. The novel went on to reach the longlist for the 2013 Man Booker Prize

I like Daren King a lot.
Dave Gorman

I’ve learned more in the weeks we've been working together than I did during my entire MA at UEA.”
Lorna Thorpe, Cornwall, England

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